Delivering Agile Business Technology Solutions

Every day, there is something new in technology,
something amazing, something awsome or something spectacular.
We are thrilled to share all of it with our customers.

For the past 8 years, Preterion has provided technology services to a small number of companies. We adhere to the ITIL and ITSM principles according to which the uninterrupted flow of technology services provided to the customer should be the primary concern.

During this time, we have advocated and provided Open Source Software solutions as a better alternative to commercial, locked solutions. Many successful projects have been implemented to satisfied customers, leading us to understand the importance of Open Source and Business Automation.

We Open Source YOU

Our goal is to teach you, train you and assist you in discovering and implementing
the best Open Source Software Solution to Automate your Business!

Easily customizable

Open Source solutions are easy to customize because YOU have access to the Source Code.

Cloud Ready

Most Open Source Solutions are cloud ready because they were built with the cloud in mind.

Limitless usage

With Open Source, the only limit is the hardware resources available – there are usually no licensing limitations.

Community support

Most Open Source Solutions  have large communities behind them, making support as easy as asking for help.

Better performance

Recent surveys have actually showed that Open Source is usually leaner, faster and better than commercial software.

Improved Security

The reports show that Open Source is also more secure, due to the large community involvment.